Pestel Analysis of Blackbeard Case Study Solution

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Pestel Analysis of Blackbeard Case Solution

Political factors

Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis has a tidy and corruption free image. Workers party was successful in 2011 election, which might be harming to Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis's image given that this celebration could refuse to apply the measures.

Economic factors

Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis includes certified workforce and has high levels of conserving. Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis's port is one of the largest established port by trade volume with favorable taxation system. The country has a great reputation and has a steady currency. The country likewise has a high growth rate. Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis relies a lot on export and tourist. It doesn't have any resources of raw material. Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis is basically a link between east and west. The development of port will produce several opportunities of trade. Other nations like China and India may cause a danger to Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis.

Social factors

The 55% of Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis's population lies in between 25 and 54. Literacy rate is very high and it has the 4th lowest baby death rate. The 100% population of Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis is urban with the most affordable number of kids per female in the world. Life span rate of Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis is 84 years. Population development rate of Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis is low.

Technological factors

Pestel AnalysisBlackbeard Case Pestel Analysis has largest telecommunication networks all around the world, with a seamless connectivity. It has world's busiest port and is considered as a logistic center. Its intellectual property protection is also extremely strong. The government can increase the budget for R&D.

Legal factors

Blackbeard Case Pestel Analysis has ease of solving solvency and the Laws are appropriately implemented. It provides minority investors protection with reliable criminal system and specialized courts. Advanced financial guideline are indicated in the nation and has a transparent legal environment. It also has efficient public administration. The enhancements in judiciary can be made. English can be adopted as the legal tradition. Legal advancements can be made. The judicial self-reliance is bad, given that justices are designated on suggestions of PM.